Objects of Media Studies
By Amelie Hastie
Design by Raegan Kelly


Many thanks to Günther Selichar for his kind permission to use his artwork to accompany Kate Mondloch's contribution.

With great appreciation to the University of California Humanities Research Institute for its support of “The Object of Media Studies” Fall 2005 residential research group. Special thanks are due to Director David Theo Goldberg, Kevin Franklin, Kim Furumoto, Bahadir Gul, Rosemarie Neumann, and Irena Polic. With many thanks as well to Vectors editor-in-chief and guru Tara McPherson as well as all participants at Vectors summer camp 2005, in particular Sharon Daniel, Perry Hoberman, and Laura Marks.

For their very astute readings of the curatorial project in process, thanks also to Sharon Daniel, Kay Dickinson, Irene Gustafson, and, especially, the avowedly linear Lee Grieveson for his invaluable insights and endless enthusiasm.

And most of all, my thanks go to the participants in the research group and the contributors to this project — Mary Desjardins, Ray Guins, Laura Kang, Kate Mondloch, Hoang Nguyen, Lisa Parks, and Anna Scott — who did more work than I think they sometimes thought possible (or reasonable!) but which I knew each could accomplish from the beginning.

-Amelie Hastie